Ease of Use of PayPal

For a business user regularly dealing with international currencies, PayPal can be a particularly attractive payment intermediary. True, its main menu is suggestive of potential problems on the user-friendliness front (the options “Summary Money Activity Reports Tools More Help” displayed along the top left half being arguably more confusing than clear), but the user-friendly character of practically all of the site is notable.

For each transaction, the activity listing states the following: date, type, name (such as payor or payee or “Bank Account” or currency subtotal), payment status, gross amount, fee, net amount, balance, and available actions (typically “Archive” unless the payment status calls for something else). These listings (or charts or graphs depicting them) can be displayed online or downloaded if desired.

Transfer of funds between PayPal account and “linked” bank account is straightforward. The company also offers business debit cards.

Currencies are reflected in all individual transactions, and also in subtotal “buckets” between which you can transfer funds (and which get listed in one place if you click on “Summary” or “Money” in the main menu). If doing global business, you can’t easily find a better way of handling multiple currencies in the course of being paid for your work.

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