Marketing Starting with Professional Group Interaction

Thoughts about my own active participation in some

professional associations have inspired these comments

on how one can effectively market one’s professional

services, including using resources made available by

such associations. (It is important to note that no group

should ever be viewed as one’s only marketing resource,

or be expected to fulfill a role even close to this extreme.)

First, each of your associations probably publishes a

member directory for which you can submit your own

entry. If you do have that option, make your entry as

rich with relevant detail as you can. If a résumé or CV

can be uploaded to flesh out the entry, take advantage

of this option too. Take pains to tailor all for the intended

market for your services, here as well as in your other

marketing-related materials.

Join and participate actively in any suitable discussion

groups or local meeting groups that may be under the

auspices of your associations. Don’t advertise directly

to them (unless explicitly authorized to do so), but

instead contribute guidance there when you can, and

of course do watch for colleagues with whom one-to-one

conversations might be mutually beneficial. Investing in

association classes or booklets devoted to marketing or

other relevant topics may be worthwhile as well.

Look for different ways to branch out with your networking

efforts. Participate in social media, of course. Also attend

conferences or trade shows from time to time. And join

discussion groups unaffiliated with formal organizations.

It is certainly true that there are many productive ways of

marketing that have little or even nothing to do with

networking. Those may be discussed here at a later date.

Taking into account the ambiguous role of networking in

the use of Web sites, do consider whether suitably reworked

résumé or profile content might pave the way for the creation

or revamping of a Web site for your business.

Best of luck with charting and maybe adjusting your own

marketing course!

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